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Keynote Speakers

Royree Jensen - Australia

Royree Jensen is a Holy Ghost Trail Blazer. She is a dynamic prophetic teacher with a brilliant ability to articulate the reality of the Kingdom of God in a powerful and humorous way.

 A General of the faith, Royree carries a mantle for revival fire to see the nations turn to the King of Glory.

 Royree leads Rivers Apostolic Centre in Brisbane and is the Director of HIM - Harvest International Ministries Australia  & Women On The Frontlines Oceania. |

John P. Bridge - India

John was born in Lancashire, England. During an altar call, he dedicated his life for India. John decided to leave all behind, and so with only the clothes on his back and a handful of personal possessions, he set off on foot for India in 1978. John and his wife Della  are the founders of the Faith Outreach Children's Home in Jharsuguda, India.  Currently there are over 750 children (mainly girls) in the home.

A strong advocate for women ministries, John encourages women of all ages to step out into their God given calling. “Women should be doing the five-fold ministry, for the Apostle Paul said there is neither male nor female in Christ.”

Faith Outreach:

Faith Outreach New Zealand:

Cindy Ruakere - New Zealand

Taranaki/Te Atiawa/Pakēhā

Born and raised in Taranaki, currently resides in Tauranga Moana.

CINDY RUAKERE is a New Zealand Christian Itinerant Worship Leader, Speaker and Prophet whose passion is to encourage people into a closer relationship with Jesus Christ. Ruakere embodies the pioneering spirit of New Zealand and through her worship and songs encourages us to “Press On” into the things God has for us. She is based at Tauranga Hope Centre working alongside Kristen and Tasha Williams.

Cindy Ruakere is a spiritual pioneer in worship and warfare in New Zealand and, working within the team dynamic, is gifted at helping to build and establish in an apostolic way. Cindy describes her mission in life as firstly, to passionately follow her Lord Jesus Christ with all her heart and body and spirit. Secondly it is to help motivate people to find their destiny in Christ. Her passion in worship inspires others to connect with God. “Worship allows people to touch God like nothing else can”, she says.

As a worship leader, songwriter and speaker, Cindy Ruakere brings a range of gifts to encourage and motivate the Church. Whether she is speaking at a women’s conference, ministering at a worship event, communicating to youth at camps or preaching at a Sunday service, she is passionate about serving the Church world-wide. Not only does she have a passion for Aotearoa/New Zealand but she also carries the pioneering heart of New Zealand overseas wherever she ministers.

Kathy Mullen  - Canada

Kathy is a former Occupational Therapist. She has two adult children. Kathy and her husband Grant lead " Dr Grant Mullen Ministries Live a Transformed Life"  from Canada North America.

Kathy travels and speaks internationally about how God wants to heal our hearts and transform the way we think.  Her special interest is how forgiveness is a gateway to healing of the whole person.   " Changing your story"  

Kathy is also a church elder, small group leader, Sozo prayer ministry counsellor and worship artist
expressing God through fabric and painted art.
You can see her ministry at and her Art at

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Dates: 23rd - 25th May 2019