Testimonies - Women Of Courage


Here is a snippet of encouragement for everyone -                     Thank you for coming!


“Wow, what an amazing few days I had at the Conference! A huge thank you to you, Sarah and everyone involved in organising this awesome opportunity for Christian women. The speakers were fantastic - so good to hear such encouraging and "real" teaching. I think that's what struck me most was the "down to earth real-ness of the speakers. “Christine - Hamilton

"I still find the beautiful mix of testimonies, main speakers, art, ministry time, humour and music SO refreshing.  Bless this conference and all who hear what The Lord is saying for these next few years.  See you again 2020 ...  Sheryl - Te Puke

“This conference has been a HUGE level of healing for me. To be able to sing ‘I love you Lord’ on the last night was a cherry on the cake for my testimony. My voice was shut down for 20 years yet that song was the one I kept singing in my car or shower or wherever it was just me and Father. I know I’m not finished my healing yet but I’m so grateful to have been part of a weekend where I can have courage to grow.” JE- Hamilton


"When I saw the Facebook Ad for the Women of Courage Conference last year I knew I had to attend, so I booked straight away. This is the first conference that I had attended on my own, let alone in a different city, so I was stepping into that courage even before the conference! I asked for divine appointments and the Lord certainly provided those. I met two lovely ladies from Wellington and decided to take them to the opening night of the Conference. We were a bit early so we went and sat on some sofas and there I met a lady from Hamilton - that was the beginning of a whole new direction for me. God has used that one divine appointment to move me into a faith ministry which has seen me move from Auckland to Hamilton; He’s given me adventures that I had no idea were coming and He’s stretching me and growing me in incredible ways. I encourage you to step out, attend the Women of Courage Conference, allow God to speak to you and move mightily in your life. You just never know how He will use this Conference to change your life. TM – Auckland, now Hamilton.

"Thank you for your hospitality, it was a conference that definitely brought the 8 of us from our Church in Wairoa out of our comfort zone. It was different than what we are used to but that in itself was wonderful. We came away challenged to act, and on the Sunday some of the ladies who had never prayed for people before prayed for healing for those who needed it. This resulted in people being healed that would not normally have had the opportunity. It was great to come home and to be able to activate what we had learned and to step out in faith.”  Angela - Wairoa

“I would love to attend another conference as I found it very inspirational and encouraging to listen to your guest speakers and I got a lot out of this. I went out of my comfort zone to come to this and thoroughly enjoyed it. Once again thank you for a successful conference and would love to know when the next one is.”  Jackie – Levin

"The conference was amazing, in that the Holy Spirit presence was amazing, and of course the guest speakers and how you orchestrated the whole thing. Holy Spirit’s guidance of course. My first one, and God willing I will definitely attend next year’s if you’re having another."  Alison - New Plymouth

“Anne, Sarah & family, Thank you for another great conference!!!! You all served us with enthusiasm, humility, anointing & grace. I had a wonderful time.” Yvonne – Hamilton

“Thanks to all who organised this wonderful conference. My friend and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole event and were greatly blessed!! Well done everyone and we would love to attend next year God willing.” Jillian – Upper Hutt

" I was going through a wilderness season in my life when I went to the 2017 conference so I have to say my outlook was very bleak and discouraged when I arrived. The conference was really encouraging and I felt God spoke to me through the testimonies of the amazing women who got up to speak. 

A particular testimony was out of a prayer session when  one of the guest speakers encouraged us, the attendees, to pray for one another. In my negative state I barely participated. But the lady who prayed for me asked if I was married and when I said no, insisted that she saw a wedding dress and that I would be married. I just grunted thanks and barely smiled as I had been through tough ongoing season I didn't feel I had the energy to hope for anything. And to be honest my mind was on what I felt were my dwindling career prospects, not on a relationship.

Anyhow, two months after the 2017 conference I began seriously dating a wonderful Christian man. And July this year, I got to put on that white wedding dress 🙂  So thanks to the obedient fellow conference attendee who stayed obedience to what she heard God telling her despite my less than encouraging response 🙂 God bless!"  Joelle - Tauranga

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